L. A. Walton


Dubbed by many devoted fans as the “Master of Plot Twists”, L. A. is an internationally known best-selling author and publisher who is best known for creating a strong, mostly female cast of main characters, that take on and conquer many of today’s issues that women deal with on a daily bases.

Over her writing career that spans over 20 years, L. A. Walton has written a combined total of over 127 books. Of that number, 32 are solo works and the remaining are books that she has had the pleasure of ghostwriting and co-authoring.

Many of the genres L. A. has written in include psychological thrillers, dramas, poetry, memoirs, cookbooks, self-help, business, children’s books, and romantic comedy. Aside from over one million of her books sold in English, since 2015, L. A.’s books have been translated into over 10 languages.


My passion to write came from reading. It was my way of surrounding myself with others growing up an only child.

L. A. Walton