Dead & Buried

Everyone has a past, but some skeletons have a way of coming back….



The Atlanta Police Department has seen its share of murders, but when powerful men start turning up murdered and sealed with a kiss, they realize they may have a female serial killer on the loose.

As Detective Calum Harrison starts to dig into each victim’s past, he unearths one of the city’s largest coverups that involve judges, attornies and even senators.

Time is running out to stop a “Hazel eyed killer” before she takes out her next target, but to do that, Detective Harrison must take down some of the most powerful men in Atlanta.

The latest thriller from L. A. Walton is a tale of survival, redemption and a reminder that not everything stays “Dead and Buried.”

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Hardcover, Trade Paperback, eBook, Audiobook


English, Spanish, French, Italian

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